2020 Year-Long Mentoring Program in with Kirsten, Jenna & Ash Raddatz

No More F*ckin’ Around

From the founders of the DFA & DFP, a Year-Long Mentoring Program for those SERIOUS about being successful


“No More F*ckin’ Around” has been developed to inspire you to push your boundaries and to transform your perspective by using your mind, your heart and your hands. You will learn through a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge.

This program will provide you with all you need in order to give shape and voice to who you are as a person, a photographer and a business owner, enabling you to confidently put yourself “out there”.

It is meant to guide you through the ins and outs of self-reflection, courage and your strengths, which will translate into the photographic work you do and how you build a business that is uniquely your own.

“No More F*ckin’ Around” is exactly the kick in the ass you need.

Have program-specific questions? Email the DFP education team at hello@dfpeducation.com 

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