2nd Place in the “Pandemic” category (Spring 2021). Photo by Nimrod Mankovski (Israel).

January 2022 Photo Digest

Interviews, Projects and Articles to keep you inspired

It’s 2022 and we’re starting out the new year with another month of photographers who have captivated us with their narratives and imagery! January’s featured photo projects are a mixture of straightforward documentary work, self portraiture and exploration into history and memory.

In the beginning of every newsletter we highlight interviews with and projects from DFA award winners. All of the work we are sharing this month from our featured photographers has ties to photography as a form of healing, self-exploration and understanding. Our January featured photographers are: Jacque Jackson (previous DFA Judge), and award winners Juliana Vivolo, Torz Dallison and Kelley Dallas.

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.