March 2022 Photo Digest

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As an international family photography community, we see the similarities between families from all over the world.  We’re reminded of this every time photographs are submitted to the Documentary Family Awards – the common experiences of family love, sibling relationships, generational influence, emotional connections, mischievous kids, tender moments, humor, longing, home, identity and belonging.  The list could go on indefinitely.  And in all their different forms and geographical locations, there is something about these depictions of family that feel familiar. 

No matter how far removed we are from global conflict, we can remember the common ground we have with families who have had war forced upon them – in the past two weeks in Ukraine and in other parts of the world where families have long-endured war.

This month we are sharing as much as we can from the Ukrainian photography community.  Starting with Ukrainian photographers who have won DFA awards, as well as contemporary Ukrainian photographers, Ukrainian photojournalists, and conceptual photographers who have used art to navigate the complex history of their country. 

Our March featured photographers are award winners Tania Ruda, Ihor Bondarenko, Andrii Mur and award winner and guest judge Taras Bychko.

banner photo © Tania Ruda

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.