2nd Place Award in the “Siblings” category (Fall 2021). Photo by Anikitos Hadjicharalambous (Cyprus).

Anikitos Hadjicharalambous

Award-winning photography by Anikitos Hadjicharalambous

I am a self-taught photographer based in Cyprus and I discovered that I love to photograph in my 30s. My photographic interest focuses on documentary and street photography, drawing my subjects from the candidly moments of people's daily lives. In 2000, after becoming a member of the NGO organization "Doctors of the World – Cyprus", I had the chance to develop several photography projects following the organization to its missions around the world like the Gaza Strip, Iraq, Romania, Sri Lanka, West Sumatra and Nairobi. Through the years, I developed a photographic style that stands between street and documentary photography. I usually choose my photography subjects out of sociocultural themes, always using a humanistic approach in an attempt to expose what it is unseen. I have been invited to participate in several group exhibitions like the "Gaza, Land under Shadows" and the “European Vision in Action” in the context of an EU funded project. My photographs have been included in collective photo albums that have been the result of these group exhibitions. In September 2004 I presented my first solo exhibition entitled "Visitors in their Land" on the Greek–Cypriots’ crossing to the occupied areas after the opening of the check points in 2003. In 2008, I published my first personal photo album entitled: "Visitors in their Land” and in 2018 I was awarded with a publication of my second photo album called “Monologues and Quests” by 1415MobilePhothographers. Currently, I continue to develop photographic material in the context of my long-term projects. I’m currently working on expanding the project “Visitors in their Land" to its second phase that I wish to eventually publish into another monograph that will be entitled “Isolated in their Land”. At the same time, I continue working on an ongoing project about religious rituals and on a recently developed project entitled “Istanbul: The Two Faces”, capturing the contradictory cultures that exist in the city of Istanbul.

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.