8th Place: Environmental Portrait
by Annemarie Rikkers, Netherlands.

Annemarie Rikkers

Award-winning photography by Annemarie Rikkers

Hi! I am Annemarie Rikkers and I am a photographer and seeker of the real and raw beauty in everyday (family) life. My ambition is to drive out all the fake things we put on social media to let others believe that our lives are perfect. I want to encourage you and also myself to be real about what we feel and do and about how our family lives are. Because real is the new perfect. In my work as a documentary family photographer, I focus on the characters of you and your kids, the fun things and on the emotions which are part of our everyday lives. I believe these moments will tell you a story about yourself and your kids, for now, and for later. I think It will help you to know yourself better and to live your life to the fullest.
When I am taking pictures of you and your family, I will be there like I am a good friend of you, coming over for a drink and a good chat. I’d love to know you better because I am interested in you and your story. Also, I believe it will make your photos better.

After a relaxed day of quality time with your family, you will receive an album with great photos of yourself and your kids in which you will recognize their characters and the things that make them special as they are. You will have a book full of great memories to look back at whenever you want. Your kids will have a document that tells them who they are and how you love them for who they are.

Besides being a photographer, I am also the wife of the best man I could wish for and a mother of two very sweet, cheerful and pigheaded young kids (a girl of 3 and a boy of 6 years old). We live in Harderwijk, a beautiful little city in the Netherlands. I love spending my holidays in the mountains of France or the beautiful lakes of Italy. I am a lover of good food, wine, campfires, deep conversations with my hubby or friends and chocolate, of course.

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.