1st Place Award in the “Water” category (Fall 2021). Photo by Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen (Vietnam).

Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen

Award-winning photography by Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen

Born in 1984 in Long An, Vietnamese photographer Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen grew up surrounded by photography. Using photo-documentary, he would like to draw the attention of the Vietnamese people to the changes taking place within themselves and their surroundings. He chose the documentary form despite the fact that in Vietnam, photo-documentary is neither respected nor developed because it is, in Vietnamese minds, tied exclusively to the war and to history. Starting in 2012, his work has increasingly gained recognition both at home and abroad, with numerous personal and collective exhibitions at the French Cultural Center in Hanoi and Hue, at Casa Italia in Hanoi, at Sao La Art Space in Ho Chi Minh City, at Richard D Baron Gallery in Ohio and at Saatchi Gallery in London as well as the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia, the Photo Kathmandu in Nepal, the Singapore International Photography Festival, the Sequences Photography Festival in Romania, the WITP Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition in England, the Poznan Art Week in Poland, the Start Art Fair in England and the Photo Is:rael Festival, etc. In 2008, he was selected as an artist-in-residence at ENSP in Arles, France and in 2016 at Oberlin College in Ohio, USA.

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.