2nd Place Award in the “100 Days Of Summer” category. Photo by Emily Renier, United Kingdom.

Emily Renier

Award-winning photography by Emily Renier

I picked up my first camera about 25 years ago but only really got into photography relatively recently. Photography, for me, is my way of sharing my vulnerability, trying to understand our world and making connections. Connections for me are everything. I genuinely believe that they are what keep us happy and balanced. And I think the only I can truly connect with people is by focusing on our “real”, by celebrating our “real”. Documentary photography is my true passion. Sally Mann, Alain Laboile and Kevin Mullins are photographers who I will always look back as my main inspirations for finding my own voice... I don’t think I have found it yet but I hope I never do. It’s the searching for it that makes me vulnerable and I love sharing that journey with those around me. So if you have read this, please come and find me on Instagram and connect with me. I want to learn about you and what makes you human, what makes you vulnerable too.

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.