Her First Birth - Daughter giving mother labor support. (photo by Felicia Chang, Canada)

Felicia Chang

Award-winning photography by Felicia Chang

Felicia Chang is a documentary photographer and educator based in North Vancouver. She is drawn to the nuances of human emotions and how photographs have the power to shape narratives. She believes that all versions of life stories deserve visual space, and her photographs reflect an intersection of complex frames and emotions. As an instructor, she works to change the mindset of photographers at the grassroots level to advocate for everyoneʼs version of reality as photo-worthy. Within her community, she works with local childrenʼs hospitals and hospices to document end of life journeys. Although she spent much of her early adult life as a geologist through the Canadian Arctic with a camera around her neck, the start of a family changed it all. Photos of rocks and landscapes were traded for photos of life. Despite being raised to strive for achievement and perfection, sheʼs happier being a work-in-progress, with a focus on the journey and experience. Her current projects explore the fertility challenges of a single woman in her mid-40s and the duality of her own identity as a Chinese immigrant in Vancouver. One day she hopes to return to the Canadian Arctic to document the lives of the indigenous people and how the mining industry has impacted their communities.

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.