Judges Choice Award selected by Lyndah Wells. Photo by Chantal Lawrie, United States.

Gallery: Judges Choice Awards

We are proud to share with you the award-winning photographs from our 5th international competition celebrating the very best in documentary family photography.

For the following awarded images, We asked each of our preliminary panel guest judges to choose one photograph and one series out of all the entries that stood out as personal favourites.

Here are the “Judges Choice” awards as selected by Kirth Bobb, Lauren Mitchell and Lyndah Wells (judges pictured above).

Single Images

Judges Choice Award

The single images awarded are by photographers Chantal Lawrie (United States), Gloria Salgado Gispert (Australia) and Joseph Victor Stefanchik (United States).

Life Pieces

Judges Choice Award as selected by Kirth Bobb and Lyndah Wells.

Photo Series by Gloria Salgado Gispert, Australia.

It’s Sunday morning, Mekdi takes a shower and Irene looks through the window of her bedroom. It is sunny outside, we are planning to spend some time on the beach. I grab my camera, they have been able to inspire me once again. In this project, I photograph what is closest to me in an effort to communicate who I am and my relationship with my two daughters. I want to get closer to them and see all those details of their everyday that I was starting to miss. This work is about relationships, sharing and building trust. About friendship, care and love. I try to portrait them sensitively, show their differences and coexistence. (Sometimes the three of us make the picture together (3,5), it is our girls project, but the truth is that after so many years, they don’t see me anymore and I can get very close)

Me, Myself, and I

Judges Choice Award as selected by Lauren Mitchell.

Photo Series by Lauren Gayeski, United States.

When growing up feels lonely. Everyone is supposed to have a place to belong, but what happens when you haven’t found it yet? What happens when people are changing and sometimes outgrow you? These are questions I’ve asked as a mom of a child in the middle of his adolescence, a time when desperately trying to fit himself into a space where he won’t be noticed. I still see him.

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