Judges Choice Award selected by Kholood Eid. (Photo by Monica Lozano, United States)

Gallery: Judges Choice Awards

We asked each of our guest judges to choose one photograph and One Series out of all the entries that stood out as personal favourites.

Here are the “Judges Choice” awards as selected by Khalilah Hall, Kholood Eid and Parker Eshelman (judges pictured above).

Single Images

Judges Choice Award

The single images awarded are by photographers Monica Lozano (United States), Nikhol Esteras (Mexico) and Patricia Solano (United States).

Life Force: What Love can save

Judges Choice Award

Photo Series by Constanza Portnoy (Argentina) as selected by Khalilah Hall.


Judges Choice Award 

Photo Series by Jordana Baker (Canada) as selected byKholood Eid.

Morph: Becoming a Girl

Judges Choice Award

Photo Series by Margaret Albaugh (United States) as selected by Parker Eshelman.

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