Judges Choice Award - 18 Years with Alzheimers; Searching for the Mother I knew. by Amanda Dalby, United Kingdom.

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We are proud to share with you the award-winning photographs from our 7th international competition celebrating the very best in documentary family photography.

For the following awarded images and series, we asked each of our preliminary round guest judges to choose one photograph and one series out of all the submissions that stood out as personal favourites.

Selected by guest judges Aniya Legnaro (Barbados), Rocio Vega (Spain) and Taras Bychko (Ukraine). Judges pictured above.

Judges Choice Award Singles

Photos by Emma Collins (United States), Lisa Hu Chen (United States) and C. Roese Ramp (United States)

Judges Choice Award Series

A Land That Has No Borders

Selected by guest judge Aniya Legnaro.

Photo Series by Shannon Christy, United States.

The family of William Ronald Ross aka ‘Fireman Frank’ come together to celebrate and pay tribute to their late father, grandfather, and uncle.

Judges Choice Award Series

18 Years with Alzheimers; Searching for the Mother I knew

Selected by guest judge Rocio Vega.

Photo Series by Amanda Dalby, United Kingdom.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers 18 years ago. It has been a slow decline which has robbed me of my mother, and my children of their grandmother. It has stripped her of everything she held dear. In this series of images taken during our last morning together in South Africa this January. I struggle to find elements of her and the traces of our bond.

Judges Choice Award Series


Selected by guest judge Taras Bychko.

Photo Series by Enrico Genovesi, Italy.

A very unusual Italian family, a travelling show of some old-world charm. Cley and Estrelita, husband and wife, him coming from a circus tradition, her of gypsy origins, have been performing for years with their five children in their itinerant show, which is simple but truly overwhelming. They move across the country with an old caravan; they are sort of unique in Italy in as much as they use these ancient transportation means. Their lives and performances follow a single thread that ties the attachment to traditions to our contemporary living. It is not a coincidence that their home is a traditional wooden cart, in perfect analogy with the performance they present: “The Nostalgia Show”.

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