1st Place Award in the “Night Time” category (Spring 2021). Photo by Erin Byrne (United Kingdom).

Night Time – Award Gallery

Single photographs that document family life from dusk until late into the night.

We are proud to share with you the award-winning photographs from our 9th international competition celebrating the very best in documentary family photography.

Award winners were chosen during the final round of judging recorded live from our three judges locations at the time in Berlin (Germany), Florida (USA) and California (USA). The final round of judging in its entirety was subsequently streamed online over three days on June 28-30, 2021. Viewers had the opportunity to watch the unfiltered discussions and constructive feedback as winners were collectively chosen by esteemed judges Song Tae Chong (United States), Kristin M. Young (United States) and CW Griffin (United States).

The following award-winning photographs have been through two rounds of critical review and selection.

Congratulations to the winners!

Top 3 awarded photographs by Erin Byrne, Sabine Doppelhofer and Shannon Christy.

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Our preliminary round guest judges evaluated every single submission we received and selected thirty or less of their favourite photographs per category to move forward to the live-judging round as finalists. Our deepest thanks to Manu Rigoni (Brazil), Mikaela Martin (United States) and Ranita Roy (India) for their hours of dedication during this process. Congratulations to these photographers who were nominated as finalists for consideration during the final round of live judging.

Finalist photographs by Allyson Klein, Amanda Dalby, Amy Dangerfield, Ana Guisado, Andrea Brum-Oome, Andrea Nemes, Angie Gray, Anna Holden, Annika Beaulieu, Antonina Mamzenko, April Newman, Ariane Audet, Barbara Puchta, Björn Nilsson, Brett Harrison, Danielle Jacobson, Desiree Walters, Elisa Cesca, Elisa Cesca, Emma Collins, Flavia Felgueiras, Francesca Russell, Hannah Reyes Morales, Hezy Holzman, Jaelle Francoeur, Jen Adams, Jess Cheetham, Jessica Ellis, Joni Pereira, Julia Völzow, Katrina Ferguson, Lesia Boiko, Lisa Chen, Magdalena Adamczak, Malhar Upadhyay, Mariana Leal, Mo Qi, Monique Olive Costa Lara, Polina Razumovskaya, Rafael Do Araújo, Shannon Christy, Shannon Douglas, Siliang Wang, Talya Arbisser, Wendi Matt and You-Ming Liu.

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The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.