(Photo by Constanza Portnoy, Argentina)

Gallery: Photo Series

We are proud to share with you the latest award-winning photographs from our 4th international competition celebrating the very best in documentary family photography.

Guest judges for the Photo Series category were documentary photographers Khalilah Hall and Kholood Eid along with photo editor Parker Eshelman. Each judge evaluated every single series submission received and selected twenty or less of their favourite photo series to move forward to the final round.

Award-winners were then chosen during our live stream of the final round with judges Kirsten Bethmann, Jenna Shouldice and Kholood Eid. Throughout the live stream, viewers had the opportunity to watch the unfiltered discussions and constructive feedback from the judges as they collectively chose the final award winners.

Six photo series were selected as award winners. They are ranked from 1st to 6th place. The two honorable mentions were given equal weight in no particular order.

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Life Force: What Love can save

1st Place Award

Photo series by Constanza Portnoy, Argentina.

Oliver The Strong

2nd Place Award

Photo series by Jason Vinson, United States.

Brothers 1

3rd Place Award

Photo series by Sabine Doppelhofer, Austria.

Morph: Becoming a Girl

4th Place Award

Photo Series by Margaret Albaugh, United States.


5th Place Award

Photo Series by Sara Easter, United States.

Hello, Dolly

Honorable Mention

Photo Series by Laura Beth Davidson, United States.

The Wyoming Diaries

Honorable Mention

Photo Series by Gretchen Yost, United States.

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The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.