8th Place Award in the “Nothing Is Better Than Real Life” category. Photo by Manu Rigoni, Brazil.

Gallery: Nothing Is Better Than Real Life

Category: Nothing Is Better Than Real Life

We are proud to share with you the award-winning photographs from our 6th international competition celebrating the very best in documentary family photography.

Award winners were chosen during the final round of live-judging filmed in Seattle, WA, USA and subsequently streamed online around the world on December 13, 2019. Viewers had the opportunity to watch the unfiltered discussions and constructive feedback as winners were collectively chosen by esteemed judges Kirsten Lewis Bethamn (United States), Jenna Shouldice (Canada) and Huy Nguyen (United States).

These award-winning photographs have been through two rounds of critical review and selection. Congratulations to winners!

Hezy Holzman, Aniya Emtage, Orsolya Boncser, Nana Bonorino, Francesca Russell, Lyudmila Sabanina, Katrina Green, Manu Rigoni, Azure Bielefeldt, Flavia Felgueiras

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Our preliminary round guest judges evaluated every single submission we received and selected thirty or less of their favourite photographs per category to move forward to the live-judging round as finalists. Our deepest thanks to talented photographers Cristal Wallin (United States), Rowena Meadows (Australia) and Zalmy Berkowitz (United States) for their hours of dedication during this process. Congratulations to these photographers who were nominated as finalists for consideration during the final round of live judging.

Adrienne Harvey, Allyson Klein, Amanda Sloane, Andrea Neudorf, Ang Waterton, Angela Slingerland, Aniya Emtage, Briony Walker, C. Roese Ramp, Caroline De Patoul, Chloe Lodge, Christine Wright, Courtney Larson, Da Huang, Danielle Macinnes, Ditta Van Gent, Elika Hunt, Elisse Weinert, Elodie Chabrier, Emiliano Zúñiga, Emma Collins, Eric Schwab, Francesca Russell, Frederikke Brostrup, Hezy Holzman, Jenna Hobbs, Jo Robertson, Johanna King, Joni Pereira, Julia Chang-Lomonico, Julia Rose-Greim, Kaleen Enke, Katie Alicea, Kelli Evans, Kelly Macdonald, Kelly Sutton, Kristi Tamcsin, Kristin Dillon, Laura Beth Davidson, Linsey Davis, Łukasz Klimek, Lyudmila Sabanina, Magdalena Ostrowska, Marcia Friese, Maria Shustova, Mary Anne Webley, Maxime Faury, Meagan Gumpert, Meghan Endahl, Nana Bonorino, Nikhol Esteras, Nikki Gould, Ninio Nino, Peach Kamath, Pedrinho Fonseca, Raluca Chase, Samantha Hines, Sara Easter, Sarah Watson, Sophie Callewaert, Thiago Braga, Vanessa Hall

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