Quietly Loud Workshop

A three month course with Felicia Chang and Kristine Nyborg

A Scholarship is available for photographers (see below) who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour, LGBTQIA+, or an intersection of these groups.

Join past DFA Judge Felicia Chang and Award Winner Kristine Nyborg in their new course, Quietly Loud.

Deadline to Apply: July 7th

“A key goal of the Quietly Loud Workshop is to support photographers in their search for artistic freedom by creating from their identity and lived experience, and express it with confidence. We will work together for 3 months, where you will be pushed to explore your photographic language through a set of lessons, assignments and feedback as well as three powerful guest speakers. Through mentoring, community feedback and your own dedication you will learn identify your intention and trust your voice.”


“In today’s world, it is important to acknowledge that there are some big inequities, and that some of those exist in the Art and Photography industry. In creating this workshop, we want to attempt to narrow these gaps by making it an accessible and safe space to everyone, which is how the idea of this scholarship came about.” 

Felicia & Kristine

Deadline to Apply: July 7th

“Quietly Loud has a scholarship seat open for photographers who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour, LGBTQIA+, or an intersection of these groups. We recognise the importance of including diverse voices from People of Colour and other marginalised individuals and would like to make sure their perspectives are included.”

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.