4th Place Award in the “Nothing Is Better Than Real Life” category. Photo by Nana Bonorino, Brazil.

This Award Cycle only – Photo Series shot over 24h or less

In case you haven’t heard – 

We’re adding a new twist to our Series Category!

For this round only, all series submitted must be shot in a period of 24 hours or less.

There’s a growing number of Documentary Family Photographers who are focusing their artistic craft on telling the stories of family life.  

But a story doesn’t have to take place over months or years in order to be impactful.  Just as meaningful are the smaller stories that are unfolding within families every day.

While many of our awards celebrate photographs that tell a story within a single frame, we want to spend some time paying tribute to Day in the Life photographers.  Photographers who are committed to telling the story of a family in a series of photos.  Photographers with the insight and skill to capture the essence of a family in a short period of time.

This Series Award is not limited to traditional Day in the Life sessions only.  A series can be the story of your own family, the story of extended family or the nuances of relationships within a family.  What we are looking for is the ability to create a well-crafted narrative from the space of one day.

4 things before you go

  1. Series can be from any year
  2. Eight photos or less per series 
  3. Over $2800 in cash prizes
  4. $78 to enter 2 series or $46 for 1 series

The Documentary Family Awards is an international competition in search of the insightful and meaningful ways that documentary photographers explore the interpretation of family.